Jun 14, 2023

Harnessing the Power of AI in Advancing Breast Cancer Detection.

Introducing our Clinical Trial for Cleo Breast.

Primaa lab

By : Fanny Sockeel, Co-Founder & CEO of Primaa

Breast cancer remains a significant global health challenge, impacting over 2.3 million women each year. In response, we’re launching an innovative Clinical Performance Study to enhance biomarker detection and speed up the diagnostic process using Primaa’s ground-breaking AI technology.

Cleo Breast, our advanced software, leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify key biomarkers in breast tissue lesions within Whole Slide Images (WSI). With its innovative features like Mitosis and Lymph node metastasis detection, Cleo Breast offers automated diagnostic support, complementing the expertise of pathologists.

Integrated into existing viewers such as Sectra, Cleo Breast becomes an essential diagnostic tool, offering the potential to reduce time and enhance accuracy in comparison to traditional diagnostic methods.

This clinical study, conducted in collaboration with prestigious medical institutions such as Institut Curie, Institut Bergonié, Institut de Cancérologie de Montpellier, and l’hôpital Saint Joseph from Paris, aims to obtain the CE-mark, allowing us to introduce this powerful diagnostic tool confidently.

With this dynamic and practical study design, we are pushing boundaries to evaluate the performance and precision of our AI-enhanced tool within a focused timeframe. This initiative is not just another study — it’s our bold, proactive strike against breast cancer” says Fanny Sockeel, CEO of Primaa.

About Primaa: Established in 2018, Primaa is a medtech company specializing in AI-based technology for accurate and automated cancer diagnosis. By automating the analysis of digitized specimen and biopsy slides, Primaa’s technology aids pathologists in identifying cancer-specific biomarkers, enhancing diagnosis and treatment decisions. Primaa works closely with prestigious institutions such as the Curie Institute, the APHP, and the Erasme Institute, along with leading pathologists, to develop its comprehensive image analysis solution. Based in central Paris, Primaa counts 25 employees and was founded by Fanny Sockeel, Marie Sockeel, and Stéphane Sockeel.

Primaa is dedicated to providing its customers with the best tools and support to enhance clinical care. Follow us on LinkedIn and visit our website to stay informed about our latest developments in the fight against cancer.