cancer diagnosis
for precision care.

We develop AI-powered software capable of detecting all cancer biomarkers with high speed and great accuracy.

We develop an AI-based platform for automated and accurate cancer diagnosis.

This technology, leveraging image analysis and deep learning, improves the detection of major cancer biomarkers and guides personalized treatment.

Primaa lab
Primaa lab

Empowering pathologists with the keys to a smooth workflow.

  • Primaa Lab


    Accelerate case reviews and provide faster diagnoses.

  • Primaa Lab

    Smooth Workflow

    Utilize a smart work list featuring intelligent triage and cases prioritization.

  • Primaa Lab

    Performance Gain

    Achieve greater precision and confidence in diagnosis making.

  • Primaa Lab

    Enhanced Patient Outcomes

    Advance personalized medicine with more precise patient data.


Our solutions are designed by pathologists, for pathologists.

Primaa lab
Primaa lab


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We are driven by an unwavering passion for digital pathology innovation.

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